Chezy Industries Sdn. Bhd. was set up with the intention of being a market leader in the underground sewerage and water industry. With an extensive network of distributors and major developers in Malaysia, it testifies to our ability to create innovative products and market them successfully. By potently combining the material strengths of petrochemical engineering and quality consistency of modern manufacturing technologies, Chezy's Polypropylene Inspection Chambers has uplifted the construction system towards industrialization more than a decade ago. With an attractive and user-friendly design, our Polypropylene Inspection Chamber complies to BS EN 13598-1 and BS EN 1253-4.

As a further testament to our capabilities, in 2017 we launched our Chezy Hybrid Stop Valves which have since gained significant market traction within a short period of time due to its versatility for cold-water applications, various beautiful designs and a performance level that far exceeds the latest SIRIM 9 and BS EN 1213 standards.

The Chezy All and Top Access Floor Trap Systems has made another technological leap. Its one-of-a-kind design features the longest lasting water seal, built-in hair trap and a secondary filter that eliminates any potential blockages of the outlet. Our revolutionary products are a testimony of our ability to continuously create, develop and dominate the sewerage and water industry.

In 2020, we have developed Chezy Mechanical (Compression) Fittings System for HDPE pipes for plumbing and Agricultural use (PN16, PN12.5 and PN10). Extremely user friendly, versatile and strong.

Chezy Industries is a reputable company with more than a decade of experience in the Asia's water and sewerage industry. Our products have been trusted worldwide and won numerous awards. Driven by regimented and market-focused R&D policies, no efforts are spared to ensure that the products manufactured by us comply with all prevailing standards.