Chezy Industries Sdn. Bhd. was set up with the intention of being market leaders in the underground sewerage market. Our competitively priced and innovative products are market leaders in Asia.

Chezy Industries started manufacturing and marketing PP Inspection Chambers in January 2009 for the building and construction industry. Our PP Inspection Chambers are environmentally friendly and is widely used in today's construction industry which complies with BS EN 13598-1: 2003 standards, this will help in developments and the modernization of our country, especially in terms of sewerage modernization.

Chezy Industries has established their own network of distributors (hardware outlets), consultants, architects, developers and plumbers. Our inspection chambers have received world-wide recognition and have won numerous awards. We were awarded the best product in 2009 at the prestigious Archidex Exhibition.

Having establish the CHEZY brand mark for more than 7 years in the industry, we have led and continue to be at the forefront in Asia's sewerage industry. Our products have been trusted world-wide and have won numerous prestigious awards. With this, we continue to move forward with the future in product and new developments to provide the industry with none other than the best solutions in sewerage modernization.